VWR R600 Cotton Filter


VWR R600 Replacement Cotton Filter – First and foremost, it’s an extremely robust and very long-lasting filter – but still with excellent flow characteristics and minimal initial pressure drop.

Ultimately, a filter’s performance is all about surface area. The deep pleats on our cotton filter clearly increase the surface area whilst the epoxy coated mesh encapsulates the cotton with an incredibly durable outer layer.

It’s constructed from three layers of extremely fine-weave cotton, bound tightly top and bottom by the mesh. The material is then pleated and hand-formed into shape. By increasing surface area, these pleats increase its filtering ability and increase its dirt holding capacity. The mesh provides the support to stop the media get sucked into the engine and also makes for a durable outer layer to protect against larger debris.

When they are clean, both filters are almost identical in performance. The initial pressure drop figures we have recorded are just as good, and as far as power and torque are concerned the difference is near enough negligible.

So you may now be thinking this is any easy choice for the Pleated Cotton.

However, once again, there is a compromise. Any Pleated Cotton Filter material will ultimately block up faster If you throw a lot of dirt quickly at the face of it (such as following another car along a dusty road). All this dirt will start to accumulate on the surface of the filter, and gradually block it up – eventually restricting engine power as the filter efficiency drops.

As dirt tries to pass through it, it first starts to build up at the bottom valley of the pleats, and slowly builds up towards the peaks. It’s not dangerous for your engine at all, as it’s still providing full filtration. But gradually you may start to notice that performance is not what it once was – and that’s ideally the time to replace your filter unit (of course, we supply both types as filter-only, making this an easy serviceable item).

Remember how the Trifoam filter does a much better job of capturing this dirt throughout its depth, still leaving a good path for the air to pass through efficiently? Basically, the Pleated Cotton gets restrictive earlier, whilst the foam remains very open.

There are other advantages to our design of Pleated Cotton filter too. All the other cotton filters on the market tend to use a heavy PU clamp-on style design; ours continue to use a giant air horn/ram pipe just as the Trifoam design does – offering definite advantages over the competition. It marginally reduces weight and allows easy connection to either the factory turbo inlet hose pipework or to our silicone pipe upgrades with beautiful smooth airflow guaranteed.

So what’s the reason to choose the Pleated Cotton filter?

  • Extremely robust and very long lasting

  • Excellent flow characteristics when new

  • No cleaning needed – fit and forget

  • Giant surface area and air horn into the pipework

  • Beautiful looking!

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VWR R600 Replacement Cotton Filter


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