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VWR Intercooler – Inc pipes – A5-Platform EA113 2.0 TFSI | VWR14G500


VWR Intercooler System Key Tech Specs

High Efficiency

Dramatically lower intake air temperatures (IAT) increases horsepower while minimizing the power-robbing heat soak from the standard ‘cooler, time after time.

Maximum Core Size

The massive ‘plate & bar’ intercooler unit features a high-speed core using extra tall internal tubes for maximum boost flow.

Optimum Location

Careful maximisation of the factory location allows exceptional airflow across the intercooler core without impacting airflow behind it.

Sophisticated Core Design

Highly effective UK-made aluminium plate & bar construction, with fully welded cast end tanks following rigorous testing to optimise core dimensions, fin density, and pipe flow.

Smooth Cast End Tanks

UK cast construction for minimal turbulence and restriction delivering maximum flow across the entire core depth.

Simple Fitment

Minimal modification required with no trimming, cutting, or any non-reversible modification required on Golf 7 (some trimming may be required on other MQB cars).


It’s all about air intake temperatures.

The OEM factory intercooler on the MQB-platform 2.0 TSI cars struggles with containing the all-important air intake temperatures once upgrades such as ECU tuning, exhaust systems, and turbo upgrades are introduced. Intake air temperatures begin to rise rapidly, heat soak occurs, resulting in significant power losses.

The RacingLine VWR Intercooler makes a great difference in controlling temperatures, meaning that your power increases keep on delivering, run after run.

Performance /// Development

///  3D scanning development work on Golf 7 GTI, Golf R and Audi S3 has delivered a package that fits within the factory fitting space yet crams in the maximum frontal area and core volume.

///  Using advanced CFD software analysis to develop prototype units, before moving to real world dyno, road and track testing allowed our engineers to thoroughly evaluate the design solution that delivers optimum cooling whilst minimising pressure loss across the core.

///  Careful attention was given to establishing the core’s ideal fin density, ensuring the concentration was neither too low giving ineffective cooling, nor too high which gives excessive pressure drops across the unit.

///  Ongoing measurement of the efficiency between the inlet air temperature versus the outlet air temperature shows the final VWR Intercooler System delivering over 80% effectiveness, whereas the original factory units deliver only around 60% (dependent on model).

///  The factory intercooler is not capable of consistently delivering repeated high power runs on an uprated car without suffering significant power losses as heat soak drives up air intake temperatures.

///  Through the giant core dimensions of 694mm x 410mm x 56mm (27” x 16.14” x 2.2”), the VWR Intercooler System is capable of supporting power outputs of up to twice that of the standard car whilst still cooling air charge temperatures efficiently.

///  Low clog airside fin surface for minimum degradation in performance and lower maintenance.

///  Fitment in the factory location ensures that the intercooler is fed with the best possible volume of high pressure, high velocity airflow spread across the entire unit. Airflow to the factory water cooling system is not disrupted.

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VWR Intercooler System MBQ Platform

The VWR Intercooler System is the best performing intercooler upgrade on offer for the MQB-platform Golf 7 GTI, R and Audi S3, with proven race championship performance to back that up. The factory intercooler has shown itself to be unable to cope with the demands of higher power, hard driven cars.

By consistently reducing intake air temperatures (IAT), heat soak is minimised delivering increased performance again and again without the recovery cool-down times needed for the production intercooler. It really is essential for every stage of tuning on any high performance MQB-platform car

The giant 56mm core depth of our ‘Plate & Bar’ system uses careful optimised fin design, delivering the ‘sweet spot’ of maximum IAT cooling versus minimum pressure loss. This has allowed us to achieve increased size without increased lag. Don’t confuse our Plate & Bar construction with the cheaper and less-effective Tube & Fin construction that many lower-quality aftermarket intercoolers use.

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