Racingline Performance Intercooler System MQB EVO EA888 Gen.4


Performance Intercooler System MQB EVO EA888 Gen.4

Discover the pinnacle of cooling technology with the RacingLine 2.0 TSI EA888 Gen.4 Performance Intercooler, exclusively engineered for 2.0 TSI MQB ‘Evo’ models. Embarking on a mission to set a new standard in cooling efficiency, RacingLine has meticulously crafted an intercooler with unparalleled performance and durability.

Facing the challenge of heat-induced power loss in high-performance, aggressively driven 2.0 TSI MQB ‘Evo’ vehicles, RacingLine’s solution is a groundbreaking ‘plate & bar’ intercooler system. With its impressive 70mm core depth, the system significantly surpasses the factory model by offering a 96% increase in volume, ensuring your engine stays cooler and performs consistently at its peak.

Distinctively designed for the specific demands of the 2.0 TSI Gen.4 engine, this Performance Intercooler optimizes space utilization to expand cooling volume to its maximum capacity. At its core lies a robust 70mm deep, high-speed core, integrated with extra-tall tubes for unparalleled boost flow and a drastic volume enhancement compared to standard models.

Precision-engineered to reduce turbulence and enhance flow efficiency, the intercooler features cast construction end tanks complemented by internal flow guides. This design maximizes the use of the core’s depth while incorporating significantly larger 70mm inlet and outlet ports compared to the original equipment, ensuring a smoother airflow.

Completing this advanced cooling system are the superior RacingLine Boost Hoses. These are not your average hoses; they are built to withstand extreme conditions with reinforced, internally-wired, multi-ply construction. This design ensures they remain resilient against heat and pressure, maintaining optimal airflow with specially molded internal steps. The intercooler package is rounded off with four premium stainless steel Mikalor-brand clamps for a secure and reliable fit.

With its exceptional 70mm core depth and vastly enhanced volume, the RacingLine Intercooler stands as a beacon of innovation in thermal management. It ensures consistent, efficient cooling, keeping intake air temperatures low and performance high, drive after drive.


Please note, customers are wholly responsible for checking fitment for their vehicle.

SKU: VWR141000