ECS Tuning Hatch Pop


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Through several design iterations and proven testing we perfected the strut’s design to our strict operation requirements. Tested overnight in a freezer at 13° Fahrenheit and proven effective in Northeast, Ohio winters, this is the ultimate All Season Hatch Pop Kit.

No frills, no black magic, just simple engineering.

The ECS Tuning MK7 Hatch Pop Kit Includes:

  • ECS Tuning Custom Spec’d Hatch Pop Strut Assemblies – QTY 2
  • Zinc Plated Ball Studs – QTY 2
  • Zinc Plated Ball Stud Washers – QTY 2

Designed and manufactured right here in the U.S.A. You can expect the absolute best performance and longevity with our superior Hatch Pop Kit from ECS Tuning!


  • Coding may be required — To determine if coding is needed, hold your hatch pop button on your key fob and if you hear the hatch latch operating you DO NOT NEED CODING. Please reference our installation PDF for coding instructions as needed.
  • If your model needs coding, the Carista Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter (ES3173695) will allow this to be completed right from your Android or iOS based smartphone in minutes! (Requires Pro subscription: free one month trial, then $40/year)
  • As to be expected the hatch will be more difficult to close than with the factory hatch struts. However, with an increase in force of only 15% over the factory hatch struts, you will be used to this slight change in no time. Please ensure you close the hatch with your hand on the emblem and not the hatch body.

Proven all season operation! Pop open your hatch with a simple touch of your key fob!

Want to make your hatch pop open with the simple press of a button? Want all season operation? Look no further, ECS Tuning has got you covered!

Introducing our in-house engineered MK7 Hatch Pop Kit! Designed specifically for all season operation, our kit stands apart from anyone else’s in its easy operation and broad temperature functionality.

Made with custom-engineered hatch struts to our strict specifications and manufactured by an OEM strut supplier, this is simply the best in terms of quality and day-to-day usage.

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