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ECOTUNE Stage 3 MQB AWD (Golf 7R/Audi 8VS3)

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                      Welcome to our dyno developed complete Stage 3 kit for the remarkable VAG MQB platform.

                      Ecotune work in tandem with some of Europe’s most respected turbocharger engineers who build our units to uncompromising specifications adhering to and exceeding motorsport standards with regards to materials, machining tolerances and balancing.

                      These relationships have resulted in many revisions to our stage 3 turbocharger kits over the years. We have worked tirelessly in R&D removing and refitting our development stage 3 kits investing countless hours of dyno time. We are now delighted to offer what we believe to be outstanding turbo charger options for this platform.

                      Our calibrations team will ensure that your chosen turbocharger works in perfect harmony with our recommended performance hardware. We strive to ensure stage 3 is an achievable step up for our customer base who want to truly unleash the full potential of the EA888 Gen 3 engine. This complete Stage 3 upgrade kit can produce figures up to and exceeding 500 hp+ and 480 lb-ft of torque**


                      What’s included?

                      Please use the selectors to work out the perfect stage 3 package for you.

                      If you need any help, have any questions or would like some gentle encouragement just give our sales team a call on 0117944771 or WhatsApp us on 0720261824

                      Installation labour is available at our Johannesburg HQ but is not included in this builder – Call our team on 0117944771 or WhatsApp us on 0720261824 no obligation labour quote.

                      **Figures achieved may be more or less than quoted numbers and varies depending upon engine condition and hardware set up selected. It is not possible to establish the intercylinder condition of an engine without full engineroom dissassem

                      Turbo Option

                      Garrett Powermax S1 (450hp), Garrett Powermax S2 (500hp+), Turbo Technics V4, Turbo Technics V5, Venom 9 Outright Purchase, TTE535

                      Intake Options

                      Racingline R600, APR Carbon Intake, APR PEX Open Intake

                      Turbo Inlet Options

                      Racingline Inlet (Required for Powermax Turbo), Turbo Technics Inlet Pipe (Recommended for V4 Turbo), APR Inlet

                      Intercooler Options

                      APR Intercooler, DO88 Intercooler, Wagner Intercooler, Racingline Intercooler

                      Downpipe Options

                      VAG Motorsport Decat downpipe, Milltek

                      Low Pressure Fuel Pump Options

                      No Low Pressure Fuel Pump Required, Ecotune MQB LPFP Upgrade

                      Transmission Options

                      Ecotune DQ250 DSG Software Upgrade, Ecotune DQ381 DSG Software Upgrade

                      Spark Plugs

                      No Spark Plugs Required, NGK Spark Plugs, APR Spark plugs

                      High Pressure Fuel Pump Options

                      No High Pressure Fuel Pump Required, Ecotune HPFP

                      ECU Calibration Options

                      No ECU Tuning Required, Ecotune Stage 3 ECU Calibration & Reflex